What we teach

At nc pre, we speak kid

Our school is designed to meet kids where they are at, teach them new and amazing things, have a ton of fun learning and growing, and point them to Jesus. 


We use a weekly alphabet letter to help instill a deeper understanding of and love for the English language in our students. We begin from A and go through Z to help them begin developing strong reading and writing skills that will aid them as they progress into kindergarten and beyond.


Each week, students spend intentional time learning about the truth written in God's Word, the Bible. We use a variety to tools and techniques to bring the lessons in the Bible to life for our students so that they can learn about God's love for them with the hope that someday they will choose to have their own personal relationship with Him. To help aid in their deeper understanding of God's Word, we learn a weekly Bible Verse that we hope will remain in their memory for a lifetime. 

Math and Science

We understand how vitally important it is for our students to have a deep love and understanding of math and science. To guide them in their learning, we have developed many exciting, hands-on experiences to demonstrate and develop these academic skills. 

Speaking skills

Not only do we get the opportunity to teach students ourselves, but we also loving giving them the opportunity to learn from each other. Each week, our students practice their public speaking skills by showing off an item from home that begins with the Letter of the Week. 

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